Crop tops at the Met Gala

Most of the celebrities that showed up at the Met gala came in dresses, except for these three amazing celebs who decided to show up in crop tops and floor-lenght skirts:



 Anne Hathaway stunned us at the Met gala in this Calvin Klein bright red strapless crop top and a floor-lenght red skirt. Anne keeps it simple and accessorize her outfit with beautiful earrings, a black clutch and very light makeup. The outfit is beautiful although the top would have been better without that cut on the side. But the ensemble stays stunning and ravishing.




 Emma Stone amazed us in this Thakoon two toned pink crop top and floor-lenght skirt. The crop top is simple for the front but has a beautiful cut from behind. This outfit looks gorgeous on Emma and the color really suits her beautifully. With a simple side braid and light makeup as well, emma keep it simple but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t look classy. She pulls off this outfit without any fashion faux-pas.
 Amazing in this all white Stella McCartney crop top and floor-lenght skirt. Rihanna always daring, shows off a lot of skin in this backless crop top. This outfit as simple as it seems, is really hard to pull of and Rihanna did a great job. But like every outfit Rihanna wears, we can’t imagine someone else wearing it.

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