Prada gone wrong

Recently the Met gala took place, several stars wore Prada and they were in my opinion the worst looks of the night. It’s such a disappointment because we are used to see beautiful creations from Prada. And even those creations could have looked good if they just lost some things and fabrics and were worn differently or paired with other accessories.

We are used to be amazed by Lupita’s outfits on the previous red carpets, but this one is a total misfit! Everything is wrong. The dress is too cluttered, the hair is just wrong, and the overall doesn’t look good at all. Not to be mean, i really love Lupita Nyong’o and I was really shocked when she appeared on the red carpet in this outfit, and I was really disappointed. 
In Prada at the Met gala, Brie Larson made a terrible choice when it came to her outfit! This Prada top and pants look really bad and even though the top would have looked better with other pants, it’s still not Met gala worthy in my opinion. Her jewels are beautiful, her heels and clutch are simple and her makeup is clear and neat, her hair could have looked better but is not bad.


Gabrielle Union in this black Prada crop top and skirt. That skirt is cluttered with too many details, and seems to have a wrong cut. The crop top is ok, even if it looks more like a bra, which does not suit this kind of event. Too bad these faux-pas spoil the beautiful hair, jewels and makeup. 


Margot Robbie wore Prada as well at the Met gala and it didn’t work for her either. The dress would have looked good if the top was just simple and if it lost the details on the top. Because everything else isn’t bad, her hair and makeup are beautiful but the dress is a mistake and if it was more simple it wouldn’t have looked that bad. 


Sarah Paulson in this green Prada dress. The whole dress put together looks awful, not to be nasty or anything. But it is such a waste because this dress could’ve actually looked pretty good! The upper part of the dress isn’t bad, I mean from the highest point of the dress to the waist, the dress has a beautiful cut and beautiful details. But the lower part of the dress looks awful. There are too many fabrics, too many details, too many mixes that look bad together. But I can’t say anything negative about her hair, makeup and accessories because they look simple, clean and chic.

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