A week with Abed MAHFOUZ

I had the chance to spend an entire week at Abed Mahfouz’s atelier for a school internship. This week was amazing and i’ve learned so much. As i want to be a fashion designer later, this was an amazing opportunity and i am so happy that i got to do this.

Abed MAHFOUZ is a famous Lebanese designer, and has taken his beautiful evening gowns all over the world. Having had the chance to meet him, I found Abed Mahfouz to be really kind. He did not let his fame get to his head which is something I really admire and appreciate because it makes it very pleasant and enjoyable to work with him.


From wedding gowns to evening dresses, from Haute Couture to prêt a porter, the designer creates amazing pieces.  Classy, chic, elegant, sexy these can all be used to describe a Mahfouz dress.








 During this internship i have met two girls who happened to be doing an internship there too. It was fun sharing this experience with people who are interested in fashion too!


Tarek the fashion designer teaching us to draw sketches





Tarek Abousamra, who is the designer of Abed Mahfouz’s atelier and who tutored us and was responsible for us during this internship, taught us the “modelage” technique which consists in creating a dress without pattern nor sketches. Take a look at this dress that we made using this technique:




outfit day 1 ( a Zara polka dots overall)






outfit day 2 ( a floral print silk i-shirt and pastel high-waisted short)


outfit day 3 ( a white Zara lace overall with a pink Marc Jacobs bag)


outfit day 4 ( a floral print dress)











I would like to thank everybody that made this internship possible and especially Mr. Abed Mahfouz and Mr. Tarek Abousamra. It was an amazing week and i’ve learned so much, it was a great experience.
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