Boyfriend Pants

Boyfriend jeans are not the easiest thing to wear but when well worn they are really stylish. You can wear it really casually and pair it with a simple loose top, converse and either a jacket or an unbuttoned casual shirt. If you decide to wear a dark color top and jacket, my advice to you is to wear colorful shoes. And remember to always fold the end of the jeans.



boyfriend jeans


Boyfriend jeans can be worn in different ways:
You can wear a boyfriend jeans and still look chic. Pair the boyfriend jeans with a sheer top that you can wear underneath the jeans or just put the front part underneath the jeans with a classy and simple belt and a blazer. Fold the end of the denim pants and wear open heels or short boots. Embellish the overall with some accessories such as jewels and light make up.
The boyfriend cut isn’t only valuable for jeans. You can wear a boyfriend overall or  a denim dungaree which is very stylish too. Wear it with a stretch crop top, or a simple loose or straight top. If you want to opt for a classier style, wear heels, and if you want to opt for a casual look, wear converse or sandals…
But be careful, sometimes boyfriend jeans can misshape your body so you have to balance the overall to correspond to your body shape.
Boyfriend jeans aren’t just a street style trend, they are also worn on the red carpet by famous celebrities.
Some stars opt for skinny jeans while other opt for looser; lots of celebrities are spotted wearing boyfriend jeans.


Eva Mendes spotted in destroyed boyfriend jeans with short boots.


Sienna Miller wears a boyfriend denim free from over-the-top distressed details.


Gwen Stefani looks super stylish with light boyfriend jeans, a kaki shirt and red polished heels.




Selena Gomez maneges to give this boyfriend jeans a girly side without looking too girly at the same time.


Demi Moore
Ashley Tisdale


 Jessica Alba 


Jessica Alba looks chic and classy in this boyfriend jeans and black top and heels and a colorful blazer.



 The Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie, look super stylish in boyfriend ripped jeans.
Kylie Minogue
Megan Fox



 Miley Cyrus 


 Miley Cyrus 


Miley Cyrus
Rihanna in boyfriend pants and crop top


Rosie Huntington super fashionable. The boyfriend cut doesn’t misshape her body.
Vanessa Hudgens

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