Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful actresses who made it this far and won so many awards in such short notice. The young actress keeps surprising us, not only by her outstanding performances but also by her amazing fashion sense, who led her to be the face of Dior.
As a personal fan of J.Law, i’m also a fan of the way she dresses, by keeping everything simple without overdoing or under doing it, and i’m always excited to see what she is gonna wear next.

Jennifer Lawrence looks super elegant and chic in this all-black strapless dress, black heels and gives it a little old fashion touch with this head net. And by adding this light red lipstick, she keeps the dress from being gothic and turns it into this graceful outfit.

This outfit looks perfect on J.Law. Everything is just perfect; the makeup, the shoes, even the hairdo which is a simple and casual hairdo looks really good with the outfit. This dress is just breathtaking. It’s a simple black short backless dress with a necklace on top of it. It is so complete in itself that a fresh face with no jewels can still look elegant. 




This black dress is so simple yet, in it, there is so much going on (in a good way). On the one hand, it gives this classy and simple look, but on the other hand, it gives this sexy and daring look. She complements the dress with a gorgeous hairdo and simple makeup and jewels.


Nobody can forget this outfit. The reason behind Jennifer’s infamous fall. It’s a shame though because it’s such an amazing gown, by Dior of course. It’s a strapless pinkish white, slim from the top and puffy at the bottom. Despite the fact that it is a simple gown, it’s not as simple to wear and embellishing it with a back necklace was the right thing to do. So even though she fell, she was still chic and fashionable and the dress made us forget about it.  


J.Law showed up in this Prabal Gurung Golden gown. This is an outstanding and unusual dress that is a beautiful eye catcher. This backless dress features so much details in addition to being wonderfully backless, such as verity of different fabrics and interesting sewing lines… This is a gorgeous dress that Jennifer pulls off perfectly.  




Jennifer Lawrence splendid in this two colored Dior strapless gown that accentuates her figure. The young star  is looking very ladylike with loose hair and light makeup.


Jennifer Lawrence amazed us in this red strapless gown. As usual simple hairdo, makeup and jewels but still ravishing . The fact that she put a belt makes all the difference in this dress and gives an other aspect than the usual basic one.



Astonishing in this beautiful gown. Jennifer knows that with this kind of dress, there is no way to have fun in accessorizing. Just wear simple black heels and plain, practically nude tones makeup. 


J.Law looks staggering in this strapless silver gown. She adds a black sparkly clutch to embellish the ensemble.


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