Nada Sawaya

This week-end, i went to visit an exhibition at The Gathering by New York fashion designer Nada Sawaya’s, displaying several of her beautifully designed handbags. The exhibition runs until tuesday November 11 and i cannot encourage you enough to discover Nada’s creations before she heads back to New York.

Most of the bags are made of pythons skin (nature lovers, rest easy: these are farm-raised pythons ).
The skin is treated in Italy giving special effects such as color toning, matting, metallic finish or sparkles.

Some leather bags are also part of the collection, but here again Nada gives leather her special treatment. Designs on the skin are either laser cut through the leather or laser-etched on the surface, sometimes with embroidery added over the etching.

From minaudière to tote and beach bags, Nada is very flexible and can create casual as well as elegant. She also designs beautiful hand cuffs.
A very stylish, off-norm, collection that is suitable for any style… ah ! if only the prices where a little lower !

All bags come with Nada’s signature hand woven handle and most of them can be ordered in the color of your choice.

During an exclusive one on one interview with Nada Sawaya, i was able to ask some questions about her job and get some interesting answers.

  • What makes your bags special and different from other designs?

I use different materials, python skin and leather, with innovative laser treatment. Of course there is also my trade mark handle.

  • Why did you start creating handbags? what or who was your motivation/inspiration?

Before handbags, I was in the fashion accessory business and design jewelry. One day, I wanted a bag design that I could not find anywhere and so I decided to create myself the bag I wanted. My inspiration comes from what I would look for for myself.

  • Was it always your dream and your purpose in life to be a fashion designer?

No, as i said, I was in the jewelry business and then started creating bags since no longer than five years.

  • What advice would you give to future designers?

To be passionate about what they want to do and to be hard workers in order to succeed.

This bag is this winter’s collection. Made of python, this bag is available in many colors and is very convenient because of its specific opening. I particularly like this bag because it is easy to wear and goes with everything, wether on a classical or a casual outfit.
Nada’s handcuffs
Winter color patterns. These are the different sizes of the bags and different designs, all made of python. The special effects on the python skin are amazing. Some of them are metallic, others are shiny or matte. I have to say, I really like them all, but the matte finish is one of my favorite because it is simple, casual, yet it is one of the few matte bags with so much hard work behind it.

This design which exists in different sizes (in this picture we can see two different sizes), also belongs to the winter 2014 collection. There is much work done on this python is bag because it is colored along the lines of the python scales with shiny details added. 


This multi-shaded blue python bag is classy, still, it can be used everyday. The colors can be coordinated with almost everything and is suitable for both winter and summer. Even though the blue one is my favorite, this bag also exists in different sizes and colors. 

 The work on these bags is very interesting. The idea to replicate camouflage by laser on leather is creative and unique. If you like different, this bag will be what you are looking for.
Summer 2015 collection :


 The summer 2015 collection was prepared with lively colors. There is also a fluo color collection and an optical illusion cut out collection. Bright bold colors, or pastel colors, I loved the summer collection. The optical illusion design is a first but it remains easy to wear.







Nada’s signature handle

For more pictures and informations visit Nada’s site (click here)

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