This season’s trends

Sanguineous shades

This season, red is the color. Warm or vibrant, this color is dazzling and can be worn head-to-toe in coats, gowns and knits. Now, that’s a trend I like!  Red is altogether elegant, vibrant, warm and wild. To make it even easier, red goes with everything so the trend is easy to wear and style. 


The Cape

The cape is, a Vogue puts it, the “truly new-season coat update around this winter”. Ralph Laurent introduces the cape in his autumn/winter 2014 collection, so does Elie Saab and many more. There are different kind of capes and different ways to wear them:
The cropped cape, that swings above the hips, is best worn when paired with a short skirt, or shorts.
If your cape is detailed, contrast the outfit with a simple pencil skirt or trouser. If it is plain, you can wear a more loaded bottom.
The cape can be worn in daylight on the street or for an evening look with heels to uplift the whole.



Lily Collins very elegant in this monochrome cape paired with a bright red bag. 


Ralph Lauren winter 2014-2015 fashion show 




Chiara Ferragni, the famous fashion blogger stylish in this Louis Vuitton cape. 

Shearlings and sheepskins

An easy going tendance , robe coats give an allure that is hard to resist. When in doubt, you can throw on a shearling or a sheepskin coat and look super stylish. 






Ankle socks

Socks and sandals were a very common trend this summer. But how can we keep this style in winter while staying warm too? Well, it’s time for enclosed shoes and ankle socks. This style give a little vintage edge and was the shoe choice of many designers on the autumn/winter 2014 catwalks such as Stella McCartney and many more. You have to always remember to keep a sophisticated edge, or else you will look like a school girl.

You can wear ankle socks with a short skirt and knit jumper, or trousers with a tucked in shirt.





Layered look

Instead of opting for coats this winter, why not superpose layers of knits scarves, as seen on Sonia Rykiel and Stella McCartney catwalks. This layered look is very easy to wear. You can sport the layered look with a skirt, chunky tube socks and simple hi-tops.

Other trends coming soon. Stay tuned!

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