Amsterdam Fashion Week outfits

I had the opportunity to be invited at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.
I was told to wear crazy, eccentric stuff to be noticed. So i decided to wear a combination of classy and casual, mixing different styles together…
My first outfit was ripped boyfriend jeans paired with a black plunging neckline body, and a classy faux fur coat. And then i added a bold necklace, tricolored sneakers and a pink bag, playing with the contrast of the outfit.



For my second outfit, I opted for high waisted black leather shorts, paired with a white canvas crop top, and a black robe coat that i complemented with one bold earring and a pink bag. The upper part was more or less classy. As for the lower part, and there’s where i played with the outfit, i wore Dr Martens and grey knee socks. And to stay warm, i added a grey beanie.



 And finally, for my last outfit, which happens to be the classiest one even though it has vibrant colors, i wore black lace shorts, a backless black top, purple tights, black ankle socks, brown foldable fur ankle boots and the same faux fur coat as in the first outfit. The thing i like about this coat is that even though the fur gives it an elegant twist, it is similar to a sweater.
For the final touch, I added a golden star necklace and a two-color turban.







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