Amsterdam Fashion Week

So, as i mentioned in my last article, i’ve been to Amsterdam for the fashion week. It was my first fashion week and it wasn’t disappointing at all. Despite some outfits that i did not like, it was a tremendous experience!
I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity.
Now let’s talk fashion, shall we?


I couldn’t attend all the catwalk shows, but i am going to do a general review about the ones i was able to be at.
On saturday, I attended 3 shows:

  • Spijkers en Spijkers
  • Barbara Langendijk
  • Tony Cohen

On sunday, 4 more shows:

  • MAYN
  • Denim, sneakers & shades
  • Frampesca

And on monday, I attended:

  • Shabbies Amsterdam
  • EVAN Menswear
  • Dorhout mees

The Tony Cohen; Denim, sneakers & shades, and Shabbies Amsterdam fashion shows were, in my opinion the best. Presenting some amazing creations on the runway, in a creative yet simple way, displaying the outfits just like they have to be.
As for the Spijkers en Spijkers show, it was very interesting with some beautiful outfits.
The Barbara Langendijk, MAYN, Frampesca, Smaranda Almasan and  EVAN menswear were Fashion labs, and it was their first Vodafone fashion show, but for a first it was quite original!

Overall, the fashion week gave me what i came for and more. It was such privilege to have that opportunity! And hopefully, I might have the chance to attend to another fashion week soon (who knows? wink !)

Here are some pictures of the Spijkers en Spijkers’ fashion show:




Barbara Langendijk fashion lab:

Tony cohen catwalk pictures:







Denim, sneakers & shades:
























Smaranda Almasan

Shabbies Amsterdam:




















EVAN Menswear:








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