Le Sport Chic Part 1

Why separate items by category?
It is a question I’ve always asked myself. Why are sportswear only worn for sports?
It is time to mix it all up and to create a sporty-chic look.
Instead of just looking boring and dressing like everyone else, add your twist to the outfit, your crazy and unique ideas to establish your fashion statement and expand on current trends.
The following outfits shows a balanced touch of sports items in a casual, classy or chic outfit, to keep the look well-regulated, clean, and most importantly, to do so without destroying the chic or elegant side of the outfit.
In this article, I am trying to show you that sportswear can be worn in an elegant, casual or sporty way. In the end, it all depends on how you wear your outfit.
Those outfits are casual outfits featuring:
– Ripped boyfriend jeans and an indented i-shirt paired with a sports bra and tennis shoes;
– Sports bra paired with a long waistcoat and sneakers;
– Ripped denim dungaree, paired with sports bra and tennis shoes.
Those are simple, effortless, everyday kind of outfits, not too sporty nor casual, not too dark or too flashy (since most sportswear nowadays are colorful and flashy). So instead of just wearing jeans with a classic top, next time try an indented top, dungaree, or a vest, and think of wearing a sports bra underneath. Mix and match anything else you can think of for that matter, because most garments can work when it comes to a casual look.


You can break boundaries between sporty and chic by wearing either classy pants with a sweater and high tops, or a floor-length skirt with a sport bra and a leather sleeveless jacket and sneakers or even a floor-lenght dress, an oversized denim jacket and Air Maxes. It’s time to give up your shy side and make place for your creativity. Now, it might be a little bit more time consuming to put together than the casual outfit described above, but it provides an unusually balanced look while keeping a certain dose of class.
4 ways to wear denim and sportswear:
– The elegant and classy way, by wearing denim short dungarees, with a sports bra, an oversized blazer and fancy heels;  
–  the classy way by pairing an asymmetric skirt, with a glittery top, a denim jacket and Air Maxes;
–  one casual way by wearing skinny jeans, a turtle neck sweater and sneakers;
     – another classy way by pairing sweatpants with a classy half lace, half cotton material, with heels and a bicolored denim jacket.

Certainly, these aren’t the only ways to wear denim with sportswear; as you have seen in the previous outfits, there are plenty other ways to pair your outfit depending on the occasion and the style you want.


PS: Part 2 coming soon, stay tuned!

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