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Hello there everybody! I’m Tamara from A Little Less Sixteen Candles (which you can check out here #shamelessselfpromo). Michele very kindly offered me to write a post on her blog as a collab of some sorts. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

As you can see from the title of this post, we’re going to be discussing the Pretty Little Liars’ individual styles, on the show and in real life. Fashion plays a big role in PLL (I mean honestly, who goes to school in a bodycon dress and heels? I can barely remember to wear matching socks) and with 4 girls with very different styles; you can find something for everybody.
Let’s start with Aria: You can really see a big change in Aria’s style throughout the seasons; it feels like when she grows and matures so do her clothes (Although she’s kept the studs and statement jewels throughout the series. That’s kind of what makes her her). Aria’s a big fan of patterns, cutouts or prints of any kind, as seen below.
Season 3 Episode 24: A Dangerous Game. 

Lucy Hale, who portrays Aria, plays it a lot more on the safe side of things, swapping the crazy
 patterns for neutral colors: You will always find her strolling LA in shades of gray, purple or black,
 in jeans or shorts, boots or sandals, absolutely no fuss made. She’s very casual but I’m sure is careful 
to not look sloppy (And how could you, when you’re carrying a 2,000,000 $ tote courtesy of Yves 
She’s always very cute on the red carpet; sporting mini dresses or skater skirts as they suit her figure but don’t think for a second she’s afraid of trying daring outfits, as this outfit from the 2011 Teen Choice Awards prove.
This is actually one of my favorite red carpet looks ever! That dress suits Lucy so well, and the deep V and cinching on the waist accentuates her figure beautifully.

Lucy’s style is actually very similar to the character Emily. To be honest, she’s the only one who could pass for a high school student; unlike the other girls, Emily is never making fashion statements, opting for the comfortable option instead of the fashionable one. That’s not to say that she doesn’t dress nicely because she does! Her style is my personal favorite; she can make any outfit look nice and complete with her gorgeous hair and killer smile.
Shay Mitchell, however, is Emily’s complete opposite: Although it doesn’t look like she’s put a lot of effort in her looks, she always looks so effortlessly put together.

Her street style is gorgeous and if Aria Montgomery was real, I’m pretty sure they would bond over sunglasses and leopard prints. 
On the red carpet, Shay is the definition of sexy. She’s not afraid of showing skin or wearing tight outfits as she’s got an amazing figure and she never overdoes it with her jewellery, but you will always find some sort of sparkle on her, whether it be in her shoes or clutch, just to add a little something to the overall look.
You will find a lot of similarities between the actresses real looks and their friends’ in the show. For example, Shay’s red carpet look is a lot like Hanna Marin’s every day one. Again, you will find her style evolve a lot through the seasons: She started pretty basically wearing lots of cute skirts, flowy shirts and flashy blazers- typical teenager attire– and as the seasons progressed, you could feel her getting more confident by the way she dressed: She became more daring, trading the skirts for bodycon dresses and the converses for high heels.

For one, Ashley Benson’s style isn’t too far off from Hanna’s. It’s is all you would expect from an LA resident- with the leather accessories, skinny jeans and plaid shirts. She can still rock dresses but always keeps it casual with her signature leather jacket. Also, she’s got the same YSL bag as Lucy, what a coincidence!
You’d think Ashley would love pulling off crazy outfits on the red carpet, but on the contrary! She always keeps it classy with elegant gowns and smart dresses, as seen below. 

Last but not least, we have Spencer; the epitome of preppy. She’s very boarding school-meets-equestrian chic, with her cardigans and her knee-high socks. Her style fits her personnality perfectly, as the academic one of the bunch.
As for Troian, her style is a hybrid of all the other girls’ styles. She’s very casual with a hint of boho and I think, since she’s the oldest one, she’s really “found” her signature style whereas all the other girls are constantly changing it up. I think all the girls have a variation of the same street style; very casual but the black skinnies and the handbag always add that little something extra.
Troian has had a few different looks on the red carpet: She always keeps it very simple but varies between cute girly looks and chic, sexy womenly ones, pairing both these ensembles with curly hair and a smoky eye.
And that’s about it… As you can see, I’m not the best at writing about fashion but I tried my best and I hope you enjoyed it ! If you’d like to see more of me, you know where to find me…

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