Le Sport Chic Part 2

Ponchos and Nike.
A colorful look featuring fringed colorful ponchos, a turquoise dress and Nikes.
The secret is to balance the outfit.
This summer forget your classic LBD, and opt for a colorful dress instead.

Chic in sweatpants, Who knew?
A combination of a grey boyfriend sportswear bottom, paired with a simple fringed white I-shirt, a leather burgundy vest, and black heels.
Even though it is very unexpected to look chic in sweatpants, pulling it off is really easy. The fact that it is a weird combination makes it the more attractive to look at and makes you stand out and stay comfy, altogether.


Simple casual ripped jeans paired with a backless top and Nikes.
This outfit is the easiest to pull off, giving you an effortlessly casual  look, without looking too sporty nor too simple.



Le sport chic at its best:
This outfit is a mix of a sheer bright red skirt, with a sleeveless sweater, cheerleader style socks, and Air Maxes from Nike.


Strike a pose!
A boyfriend shirt paired with ripped jeans and bright blue sneakers are a perfect match!

Who says sports bras are only good for sport?
Why not wear them to go out in the city?
A sports bra is surprisingly easy to pull off as a casual look. Just like crop tops, sports bras can be worn with anything; the only difference is that they are actually a sports item and so, you need to balance the outfit with a little bit more attention.
In this look, we chose to pair a white sports bra paired with a chic black blazer, grey jogging pants and yellow neon sneakers. We just added a blazer to the sporty look, but that managed somehow to turn into a rather classy outfit.

Le Sport Chic Part 3 coming soon!

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