Black, white and denim

Black, White and denim are timeless trend you’ll never get rid of and can’t get tired of.
Normally, black is considered a sad color, when it is actually a sexy and very easy color to pull off as it goes with everything. And the same goes for white. Although white gets dirty quickly and easily, white is a very chic and classy color to wear, whether it is in summer or in winter.
These two colors will never get out of style as they are neutral and simple yet effortlessly elegant when worn.
Everybody owns denim items in their closet, whether they are jeans, short, shirt, top, skirt or jacket. Denim is everybody’s first choice. It’s casual, relaxing and easy.
But some people think that denim on denim is too much. Well on the contrary, denim on denim gives that oldie’s, vintage touch to the outfit.
Denim, black and white will always be “the new black”. They are colors we all own and wear everyday, whether it is black on black, black and white, white on white… the list goes on, because the combinations of these three with other colors are infinite.






Makeup: Yasmina Abousleiman
Pictures: Tarek Abousleiman

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