He for She

Sometimes, the only thought going through a girl’s mind is I WISH I WAS A GUY . 
But why is this thought haunting our minds? Why do girls want to trade genders?
Well for the simplicity of a guys’ life. For the comfort and of course, for the outfits.
In fact there was never a rule written about the outfit a girl or a guy should wear. Everybody is free to wear whatever they please.
We chose sex equality.
If wearing menswear inspired women’s clothing is the first step, menswear it is.

Actually, menswear worn by women nowadays is a big trend when worn correctly, sometimes, it even looks better on women (Men, it’s nothing personal :P), and never goes out of style. This trend is really easy to pull off, it’s just a question of balance.
A girl in a suit is as classy as a man is handsome in it. Women shouldn’t wear revealing clothes to look attractive, in fact a women well put together, in a classy, elegant way, in my opinion is a lot more alluring.
This kind of outfits should not be considered as tomboy, it should just be seen as fashion.

Some of the trends in menswear inspired women’s clothing are:
– The business suit
– The “Boyfriend” jean
– Men’s shirt (oversized shirt, flannel, sweater, etc..)
– Suspenders
– Briefcase
– Oxford and wingtip shoes










Some celebrities sporting menswear inspired outfits:

Kendall Jenner                                                Iggy Azalea

Zendaya Coleman

Gigi Hadid                                            Cara Delevingne

Emma Watson



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