A color for all seasons

Winter is almost over,
we can finally bring down the light colored clothes from that top shelf.
From tan pants all the way to full whites, one more reason to love summer.
Bright light colors are dominant in summer, especially white.
Simply because to pull off a colorful look, white is, in most cases, a must. Neutral colors such as Black and white help balance the look when it’s too colorful, and relaxes the eyes from too many colors or graphics. It’s always pleasant to see a colorful outfit with a touch of white, from a simple tank top, to a white handbag or shoes, it’s these little details that link the whole ensemble together.

White has always been “discriminated” in winter.

People often tend to wear darker colors, the safer choice, using as an excuse that white gets dirty really fast.
I think that whether it’s in summer or in winter, you have the same chance to grime your white outfit. So break the stereotypes, wear light colors in winter. The weather is already sad, it is your job to put some light on rainy days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that dark color are necessarily sad colors (also a stereotype), I am just saying that sometimes, it feels good to see some white amongst all the black and grey.
While it makes you look pure, white, in my opinion, also shows confidence. Usually, the people who dare white, in summer or in winter, and especially in winter, are more likely to be confident people, people who have nothing to hide, people who stand out.

And so, white has that contradictory effect that makes it the more interesting.














Pictures: Sasha Dibeh

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