Back to school

After, i must admit, a very long summer break, schools and universities are around the corner and waiting for us to come back.
As some are very excited to start their new major or school year, others are less hyped to be back.
So let’s make this return a little easier to bear and talk fashion, shall we?
While some have school uniforms, others live the everyday dilemma of “what should i wear today?”.

Since the answer to this question will make your morning struggle a little bit easier, and will prevent you from being late again, i have decided to recommend some casual outfits which might inspire you, and turn the school yard into your runway, all while staying simple and comfy.

These outfits are obviously not only made for school exclusively. They are the everyday kind of casual outfits. So, on these days when you are suspended from school, you can still use them for your alternate    plans at some other educational institution, such as the nearest mall.

The problem is that we spend half of our life shopping, but what’s the point of buying brand new clothes if you won’t or can’t wear them at school where you spend the other half ?

These tips will show you how to wear classy items, as well as items that you consider “inappropriate” or even extravagant for school, both in a casually and classy way.




















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