Aura headpieces

Headpieces are every girl’s fantasy. Whatever kind of child you were, i am almost sure that each one of you owned at least one headpiece, from simple hairclips to more elaborate, cluttered headbands. Growing up, we gave up those headpieces. Well, we shouldn’t have.
What if we get to keep this childhood obsession and turn it into a fashion statement.
Walking into Aura‘s boutique made us feel like we were in this fairy tail with pearls and headbands surrounding us.
Where memories of this part of our childhood emerged.
And where we were looking at those headpieces as grownups and still fell in love with them.
The “turban” is one of the easiest headpiece to style.
It is also, i must say, a life saver when it comes to bad hair days…
The “Turban” goes with almost every style, bringing something new to the outfit and filling in a blank space in the overall look.
In these two outfits, we styled two different genre of turbans.
– In the first outfit, this classic turban is paired with a simple kaki backless top and black pants, an upper arm gold bracelet and a golden choker, both from Aura.
– The second outfit is more of a funky, bold look that consist of a colorful eclectic turban and an oversized denim shirt.
An other hair candy we tend to forget: the “Hair broche”.
Instead of styling your hair with simple bobby pins, try something different, something original that will add and extra touch to the outfit, something that will draw people’s attention not only on your outfit, but on your hairstyling too. A simple broche can change a lot in ones outfit, remember that.
Plus, “broches” are more fun than bobby pins when it comes to being creative and having fun with your hair and trying new stuff.
“Crowns are for little girls”. But this was never a rule.
Every woman from time to time, has the right to feel like a princess. Wether it’s for a gala diner, a wedding or just street style, you can have even more fun with crowns as a grownup than as a child.
So don’t be afraid to bear the crown, as it adds something that no other headpiece can to the overall look.
With this new “Coachella” trend and Snapchat filter trend, flower crowns are kind of all over the place right now. But aren’t you tired of seeing the same flower crowns everywhere?
Aura revisited this trend and we love it!
Instead of your usual flower crown that can only be worn in one way by everybody, why not go for more elaborate flower crowns that can do more than just be a crown, going from a simple hair tie to a crown. These headpieces present infinite possibilities of styling, allowing you to unleash your creativity.
You can add a little something to a very basic hairstyle.
Every headpiece has its story, not only does it bring your outfit together, but it brings an insight into your personality. A headpiece can bring a lot more to your outfit and feel more personal than a simple bracelet.


Aura even stepped footing the necklace department offering a wide range of chokers from simple ones to more elaborate pieces.





Pictures: Laura Gebeily 
Headpieces and chokers: Aura Headpieces 
For more information on Aura, a larger gallery of headpieces and online shopping Click here

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