As a dancer, I have to admit: I might have an addiction for bodysuits…

While some of you could find this item of clothing uncomfortable, I find it as one of the easiest, comfy item to wear.

Bodysuits add a particular touch to the outfit. As simple as this piece is, it has become an indispensible part of my closet, making my morning struggles easier. Just like the overalls, bodysuits are fast and easy to wear, and can be worn with almost everything.

You might have noticed that I am particularly fond of backless pieces; otherwise I like the back of the outfits to have unusual detailing in their cuts. Fortunately, bodysuits are most of the time backless or have a special cut on the back.

In the following pictures I show some simple outfits, matching bodysuits with jeans for a casual look. In addition to that casual, rather simple look, bodysuits can also be worn in a more classy and chic way by pairing them with trousers, classy shorts or a classy skirt, depending on how and when you intend to wear your bodysuit.




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