Holiday style

 As we are all waiting for holidays, we still have to survive the last few weeks of cold, work and school.

We would all rather stay in bed, drinking hot chocolate, digged in under the covers, watching movies on TV, unfortunately we can’t… so, in order to make those few weeks easier, how about some advice on ways to stay warm and cosy, while remaining chic and fashionable.

Usually, when winter strikes, we tend to be less and less motivated to get out of bed and dress up, and actually wish we could just show up at school in our PJs or PJ -like outfits… Please, don’t ! (:P)
So, if we can’t just indulge in our laziness and if should enjoy PJs with moderation, how are we to hibernate, and remain social all the while ?
To cope to this problem, coats are one solution. Not only will it hide the disaster underneath it (JK), but it will keep you warm while staying classy.
Coats are very easy to wear, featuring different length, and each length gives a different allure, and brings a different touch to the outfit. Just as different textures will give a different use to the coat. Cashmere for example will give a classier touch, whereas wool is more casual and easier to wear, while felt gives more of a structure to the overall.

Similarly, colors are just as important as the coat’s texture by brightening the ensemble if the coat’s color is brighter than the outfit or by darkening it if the whole ensemble is bright and you add a black or dark coat to it.

They can also be classic and simple or edgy and bold depending on ones style.

Holiday style


Vika Gazinskaya blue sweater
€730 –

River Island destroyed jeans
€53 –

Yves Saint Laurent black ankle booties
€850 –

Yves Saint Laurent tote bag
€2.165 –

Cartier white gold jewellery
€5.430 –

Black diamond ring
€1.550 –

Chico s wide brim hat
€46 –

Christian Dior eyeshadow
€43 –

Givenchy eyeliner
€28 –

Chloé chloe perfume
€49 –

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