The “Ugly” Christmas sweater

As winter is almost here, I decided to write about something Christmas related to keep us busy while we wait for Christmas, festivities and vacations.

We all know those famous ugly Christmas sweaters we see in movies.
The kind of gift the character receives from his grand parents, aunt, relatives or even parents.
The sweater they have to wear, and the one they try to ruin throughout the entire episode. Well surprise, they’re back. This time, not as the ugly Christmas sweater, but as a big hit. We can find this sweater in almost every fast fashion boutique.
I, personally, am not the kind of person who wears this sweater, for the simple reason that it’s not my style. But I must say, they aren’t as ugly as they’re pictured in movies. They are actually kind of cute, when worn correctly.

This sweater really brings out the christmas spirit, and keeps you worm during this christmas season.
There is more than one way to wear this sweater, just like regular sweaters. But this sweater is more challenging to wear, because of the features in movies, and because when worn incorrectly, it could look childish.


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