A bag for every occasion

I decided to show you, this week, items of my closet. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m quite the shopaholic. I like having a multitude of choices in my closet, whether it’s bags, shoes, sunglasses, or outfits. And so, in this article I will show you some of my bags, what fits inside, what are my essentials and which one is more appropriate for which occasion.

I chose to start with bags because it’s a must in every women’s closet. We don’t have wide pockets to fit our stuff in, plus, there are no pockets in the world that are large enough to fit our essentials (am I right? :P).

I usually always keep in my bags: my keys, my phone and a wallet. The list varies depending on the bag’s size. A part from those 3 musts, I always have an external battery life and a charger, earphones, sunglasses, and of course lipsticks. I’m not a make up kind of person, but, when it comes to lipsticks, I  kind of can’t help it… and so, I always carry lipstick with me. If it’s a small bag, I usually take the color I’m wearing, but if the bag is bigger, I take my entire lipstick case (just in case…) .

The classic (fake) snake skin bag. While the snake skin bag is a classic, mine are a bit edgier and bolder as the colors are bright and stand out. I usually wear these bags with a plain outfit to avoid cluttering the ensemble. I tend to wear the first one during the day or at a dinner with friends, and the second one to go out during nighttime as it is smaller and more practical. Since both of them can’t hold too much, I trade my big wallet for a smaller one. They can also fit earphones, keys, lipstick, my phone, and for the former, sunglasses with a small, thin case.

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Typical “Sarah’s Bag” cut, with drawings on it, this bag can be worn both as a clutch or as a shoulder bag, which makes it suitable for daytime but also for nighttime. This bag is not your typical black or white bag as it it white on one side and black on the other. The fact that it’s not a simple black bag or white bag gives it a younger, and edgier touch.

This bag is more of a casual bag. Both perfect for a day or a night out. As tiny as it looks, its size is perfect as it’s bigger than my small cross bags or clutches, but smaller than my shoulder bags. And who thought so many things could fit in such a small bag? You can see below everything I can fit in it.

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Cross bags. One of the easiest, most practical bag to wear. Even if you can’t fit as much as shoulder bags, it’s the perfect bag for a night out.

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Handmade tagged shoulder bag.

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The simple, classy, little black bags. Whether it’s a shoulder bag, a clutch, a cross bag, etc., everybody should own at least one. From a vintage black velvet bag, to more modern leather black ones, they can be worn anytime, anywhere. Although a black bag is considered more chic, they can be worn during daytime as well, though the clutch can only contain a phone, keys (without a big keychain) and money (or a very thin, card wallet).

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  • “Nairobi” blue bag, perfect for summer as it is a pastel color, but also great for winter as it adds color to the outfit
  • A practical, simple, dark green bag, that can contain from a simple wallet to a polaroid.
  • Although the pink bag looks bold, it goes with anything and everything, and can be worn both during the day and night.
  • Tricolored bag might give the impression that they are complicated to style at first, but there is nothing easier.

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