Dos and Donts

Matte lipstick 

The hottest beauty movement this fall is matte lips. They’re a huge trend right now on the runaways and on the street. 
Matte lipsticks are very easy to wear wether it’s a dark or a bright bold color. 

Brown eyes

It’s sometimes hard to bring out  your brown eyes, i know, for instance, sometimes brown eyes aren’t as flattering as colored eyes,but here’s where you’re wrong because brown eyes are beautiful no matter what shade they are, and here are some makeup tips that should help you out:
  • Highlight you’re eyes with neutral shades, such as Taupe, Peaches and Browns or just go with eyeliner in these color patterns. 
  • An other highlighting tip which is the white liner that helps you bring out your brown eyes. You can pair you white liner with some metallic tones which leads us to the third point:
  • Metallic colors such as gold, bronze, browns and pinks make your brown eyes stand out.
  • If you like to be daring, switch you’re black or brown liner for a deep plum eyeliner. because purple goes beautifully with brown eyes. 
  • An other light color that brown eyes can pull off: Cobalt blue. Brown eyes is on of the only eye color that can pull off blue which allows the eye color to be brighter.
  • Last but not least, Champagne tones. Champagne tones are my personal favorite because they have the same effect than white liner but softer, and it draws out the beauty of brown eyes.

Matching colors 

  • You can mix and match primary colors together (red, blue and yellow) by wearing primary colors for a monochrome look, meaning using only one color that will stick out and slime the body. But be careful on the use of the monochrome look. When worn correctly this look appears modern and chic. 
You can also mix and match the primary colors for a colorful and daring look. 
  • You can ditch primary and go for the complementary colors that you find by picking any color on the color wheel that you pair with the color that is directly line up to the selected color ( orange and blue, violet and yellow… )

  • An other mix and match advice: Analogous colors. You just have to pick a color and then pair it with the color on the right to on the left. This will create a smooth, plain and united look.

  • If you want to keep it neutral wear black, navy, white or cream and just add a touch of color to the outfit. For example a colorful bag or shoes, or colorful jewels…  

Blue Eyes 

 Here are tips to bring your blue eyes into focus.

  • The warm colors makes blue eyes pop out so you may want to try rust colored shadow.
  • For a spring look you can also wear purple eye shadow it accentuates them.  
  • Orange and blue are directly opposite on the color wheel so it creates a strong contrast. 
  • Navy mascara is a tactful way of bringing out blue tones in gray or greenish-blue eyes
  • Don’t wear blue or green eye shadows because your eyes can get lost in it

Red Lipstick 

Red lipstick is the perfect makeup tool and it’s on every girl’s must have list. Red lipstick adds to the charm and opens up your face by filling up your lips. But be careful you need to choose the right tone of red depending on your skin tone.
For olive and golden skin tones, opt for warm red lipstick. 
For porcelain and fair skin tones, opt for cool red lipstick.