Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is a young english fashion model. After some modelling as a child, she started her full-time modeling career in 2009 and appeared at the Burberry fashion show in 2010. She was then featured in a campaign for Burberry and became the face of the brand. The young model was also featured in campaigns […]

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Holiday style

 As we are all waiting for holidays, we still have to survive the last few weeks of cold, work and school. We would all rather stay in bed, drinking hot chocolate, digged in under the covers, watching movies on TV, unfortunately we can’t… so, in order to make those few weeks easier, how about some … More Holiday style


As a dancer, I have to admit: I might have an addiction for bodysuits… While some of you could find this item of clothing uncomfortable, I find it as one of the easiest, comfy item to wear. Bodysuits add a particular touch to the outfit. As simple as this piece is, it has become an indispensible … More Bodysuits

Aura headpieces

Headpieces are every girl’s fantasy. Whatever kind of child you were, i am almost sure that each one of you owned at least one headpiece, from simple hairclips to more elaborate, cluttered headbands. Growing up, we gave up those headpieces. Well, we shouldn’t have. What if we get to keep this childhood obsession and turn … More Aura headpieces

Back to school

After, i must admit, a very long summer break, schools and universities are around the corner and waiting for us to come back. As some are very excited to start their new major or school year, others are less hyped to be back. So let’s make this return a little easier to bear and talk … More Back to school

He for She

Sometimes, the only thought going through a girl’s mind is I WISH I WAS A GUY .  But why is this thought haunting our minds? Why do girls want to trade genders? Well for the simplicity of a guys’ life. For the comfort and of course, for the outfits. In fact there was never a … More He for She

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid, is one of the IT models of the moment. By taking part in many project such as the famous yearly Victoria Secret fashion show, and by making it on more magazine covers that we can count, Gigi is rising at a pace that is increasingly hard  follow. But honestly, we can’t get tired … More Gigi Hadid